YG Defends His ‘F**k Donald Trump’ Record

Music artists have been vocal about their views on this year’s presidential election, including L.A. rapper YG, who has made it very clear about his dislike for Republican candidate, Donald Trump. YG went as far as making a record titled, “F**k Donald Trump (FDT),” where he first made it clear about being anti-Trump. The outspoken song included lyrics like:

“I like white folks, but I don’t like you. All the ni**as in the hood wanna fight you. Surprised El Chapo ain’t tried to snipe you.”

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In YG’s recent interview with i-D, the artist explained how he wants the young people to stand up and not stay quiet about their future.

“Yeah, it’s like, wake up, America,” YG said. “Motherf**kers are talking about drugs and parties and guns and sh*t. But they gotta know there’s more sh*t going on. We gotta say something, cause if not, it’s like we’re out here standing for nothing, like we ain’t got no morals. That ain’t what it is. That ain’t me. So I decided to speak up.”

To add fuel to the election fire, the “FDT” record included two well-known white rappers, Macklemore and G-Eazy. YG told the site his reasoning for the feature:

“They’re the two biggest white rappers in the game! I’m like, if I get two of the biggest white rap dudes in the game on this ‘F**k Donald Trump’ record, that sh*t is gonna mean something,” he said. “Before Macklemore was on ‘Part 2’ he said like, ‘Good sh*t bro, that sh*t was needed,’ about the first song. So I was like, ‘Bro, you support Trump?’ and he was like ‘F**k no!’ I’m like, ‘Well look, I’m doing this remix and I want you to hop on it. It’s actually with G-Eazy.’ And he was like, ‘I got you, send that sh*t.’ That’s just the rap community. Everybody know that’s where this rap shit started from: talking about problems and what’s going on in inner city communities.”

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With the RNC and DNC underway before fall’s election, YG reveals he may have a follow-up record to “FDT” in the works.