4EyTheFuture Play No Games On “No Time To Waste” With Wale


It’s looks like R&B has a new trio of heartthrobs on its hands. Kenny Iko, Mechie So Crazy and Leo Amari — collectively known as 4EyTheFuture — sound focused, romantic and they’re blessed with stupid doses of confidence. Oh, and they can bellow love tunes to the ladies.

Coming off their Zaytoven-produced, “Scoot Ova,” the D.C. natives are back with an even more memorable and radio-friendly single with “No Time To Waste,” featuring Wale.

Here, in this Eavvon O’Neal-directed visual, the energetic trio show off their illmatic dance moves, “Big Man On Campus” fascination, young adult swag and woman appeal.

Despite 4EyTheFuture’s obvious talent, nothing about them seems forced or affected. They look and sound comfortable around each other.

Watch the video above.