VIBE Presents Aaliyah Week: Rarely Told Stories Of A ‘One In A Million’ Artist

It’s been 15 years since Aaliyah Haughton’s unexpected passing (Aug. 25). Within that time span, her music has continued to serve as an inspiration and catalyst for other artists’ careers. The epitome of sticking true to the real you, Aaliyah made sure that her opinions on her career mattered without compromise for the sake of success, leading her to be one of the few authentic and relatable entertainers in the industry. With three solid and genre-defying albums immortalized in her discography, the Detroit native aimed to elevate her sound with each full-length project, leading you to wonder what would’ve been next for the famed singer.

Throughout the week, we’ll publish stories which you’ll be able to find on this page, providing in-depth recollections of those who’ve worked closely with Aaliyah, from her teenage years to stepping into her womanhood. Fifteen years later, she’s still one in a million.

From Baby Girl To More Than A Woman: A Look At Aaliyah’s Growth From Fashion To Dance
Stylist Derek Lee, choreographer Fatima Robinson and makeup artist Eric Ferrell discuss Aaliyah’s game-changing moments.

What The Songbird’s Music Meant To Other Singers And Producers
Artists and producers share how Aaliyah’s music was ahead of its time.

An Ode To Static Major, The Pen Behind Aaliyah’s Self-Titled Album
Collaborators turned close friends share their memories of Static Major in the studio.

Baby Girl’s Final Goodbye
Those behind VIBE Magazine’s 2001 Aaliyah cover bittersweetly reminisce on working with baby girl the last time, not knowing it would be the last time.

‘Age Ain’t Nothing But A Number’ & The Isley Brothers Cover That Placed Aaliyah On The Map
How ‘One In A Million’ Pushed The Envelope Of R&B
Remembering Aaliyah’s Final Musical Journey
VIBE takes an extensive look at Aaliyah’s studio albums.