A Live Action Series About African Female Warriors Is Coming To Television

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Even in 2016, it’s still an unfortunate rarity to see a historical series revolving around women on film and television. However, it looks as if Charles F. Johnson is seeking to remedy this issue. According to Deadline, the NCIS producer has joined forces with Joy Fleury and Karen Gordy to develop a multi-episode television series about African female warriors.

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Properly entitled Amazons, the series will revolve around an army of 6,000 female warriors who battled the French Colonial army as well as other adversaries of the Dahomey Kingdom. In a nice tidbit of historical information, the Dahomey Kingdom was the final non-colonized empire in West Africa from 1600 until 1894 and was ruled under a government in which men and women held equal authority.

While a network is not attached to the series, we could already envision holding a place among well-known cable channels such as BET, The History Channel, A&E, Showtime and HBO.