America’s Next Top Professor?: Tyra Banks Is Headed To Stanford University


From supermodel to businesswoman, Tyra Banks is arguably the queen of evolution. Now the American beauty, widely known as the mastermind behind America’s Next Top Model, is ready to grace the classroom with the knowledge she’s curated throughout her multifaceted career.

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Co-lectured by Banks and professor Allison Kluger, 25 MBA students at Stanford University will have the opportunity to add “Project You: Building & Extending Your Personal Brand” to their list of classes for the spring.

The two-credit course promises to help students build their brand across multiple media platforms within a highly interactive learning environment. Although the inaugural session is one semester away, students are already expected to create a 1:30 video exploring what they want their personal brand to be before officially meeting Banks next year.

Just four years after receiving a certificate of completion from Harvard Business School, the all-around mogul is “beyond thrilled” to accomplish her upcoming feat.

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