16-Year-Old Charged In Death Of Amy Joyner-Francis Will Not Be Tried As An Adult

Following the fatal beating of Amy Joyner-Francis in her high school bathroom by three of her classmates, Delaware Family Court Judge Robert B. Coonin has decided that the teens will not be charged as adults.

One unidentified 16-year-old girl will be charged with criminally negligent homicide and conspiracy, and if she is found delinquent, she could reportedly face up to three years of community supervision and treatment, CBS News reports.

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The other two girls have been charged with conspiracy.

In his decision, Judge Coonin spoke on the fact that no matter how the the teens are tried, the permanence of the attack will always be felt.

“Whether [the teen] is tried in the Family Court or in the Supreme Court, that outcome will not change; the senseless loss of a young girl’s life cannot be undone nor will the pain inflicted upon her family ever be extinguished,” he wrote.