Apple’s New Emojis Are Active And Brown Girl Friendly


There’s no doubt Apple Inc. has led us in the right direction of mind blowing innovation and creativity, whether it’s through the iPhone, the Apple Watch or our beloved emojis. However, through all our technological and scientific advances as a nation we seem to stay in a standstill in controversial topics like equality, diversity and gun control. In a statement released yesterday (Aug 1), Apple has announced approximately 100 new diverse, gender-friendly emojis, which also marks the end of the pistol emoji.

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After several unfortunate events like the Orlando Pulse nightclub shooting and the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting, there has been endless debates about gun control throughout the United States. The fact that you can buy an AR-15 semi-automatic rifle in approximately 7 minutes simply doesn’t sit right with the American people anymore. However, Apple has taken a stand on this debate in the form of digital art, dropping their controversial pistol emoji for a much friendlier green water-gun. While it might not change the violence we see on our TV screens, it has definitely delivered quite the message.

The change has caused.. debate, to say the least, throughout Twitter.

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Along with their new and improved water-gun, Apple has announced approximately 100 new diverse emojis in attempt to represent a wider range of people. The emojis include black and brown girl athletes, women professionals, single parents and the LGBTQ flag.

The emojis will launch in the fall, along with iOS 10.