The Art Of Shaving’s New Power Brush System Will Solve Your Razor Bump Woes


Something as simple as a wet shave is bound to bring numerous complications for men with coarse or culy hair: razor bumps, ingrown hairs and skin irritation. This rule applies especially for over 70% of African-American men. Naturally, the quest to find the ideal skin and grooming products can be a long and arduous process for them. Thankfully, The Art Of Shaving is seeking to bring some ease to men’s skincare regimen and grooming solutions with their brand new Power Brush System.

The two-product system was created to address skincare and shaving issues. It has been clinically proven to reduce the occurrence of ingrown hairs up to 47% after first month of use, increase the release of ingrown hairs by up to 85% over 12 weeks, and help reduce the amount of new bumps in a span of three months. All of which improved with the use of the Art of Shaving’s razors and implementing their grooming products and regimen.

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No good shaving session is complete without a solid pre-game regimen. This is where the The Art Of Shaving’s Pre-Shave Gel comes in handy. The unscented water based formula contains a dash of shea butter and lightweight emollient to help prepare facial hair for a clean shave that keeps skin hydrated and free of residue. For men suffering from bouts of ingrown hairs and and razor bumps, the Art Of Shaving Power Brush is the perfect solution. With water-resistant molded thermo plastic for shower use and three-speed brush head rotation, this staple item is perfect for the gentleman looking for an outstanding shave with the added plus of deep cleanse and gentle exfoliation. Lastly, The Art Of Shaving’s Peppermint Essential Oil Face Wash is a must for anyone looking to add a pleasant aroma experience to their morning or evening skincare regimen.

We sat down with African-American Men’s dermatologist Dr. Jared Jagdeo and TAOS’s Director of Education Genevieve Bochanty to dig deep into the best shaving practices for black men, talk about those problematic razor bumps and why the Art of Shaving is better than the rest when it comes to black men and grooming.

Believe it or not, many of our readers had this question: What is a proper way to wash your face?
Dr. Jared Jagdeo: I recommend washing your face twice daily, once in the morning and once in the evening. I recommend using a gentle facial cleanser and applying the cleanser directly to your hands and then face in combination with warm water. I encourage my patients to avoid using facial cleaning scrubs or rough loufahs as these may result in microscopic skin abrasions that may result in blemished skin. For skin problems that do not resolve on their own, I recommend visiting with a dermatologist who specializes in Male Aesthetics to provide a clinical solution to any skin concerns.

Which is better for shaving: razors or clippers? And how often should you use them?
Dr. Jagdeo: I personally believe that razors are best for shaving, and clippers are best for grooming a beard. Both razors and clippers deliver the best result when integrated into a shaving regimen that follows these four steps: Prepare, Lather Up, Shave and Moisturize. For best shaving results, I recommend using The Art of Shaving Lexington razor as part of your grooming regimen.

Many brands suggest safety razors to be used by African-American men to prevent razor bumps. Is this a myth? Is it better for Black men to shave with a safety razor, or is it a matter of preference?
Dr. Jagdeo: The Art of Shaving Clinical Trial data clearly demonstrates that African American men benefit from using the Power Brush and 5-blade cartridge razor as part of a daily shaving regimen – there was a reduction of razor bumps by 69% and 85% of trapped hairs were released by week 12 of the clinical trial.

When men of color come to have a discussion with me about razor bumps, and what can be done to fix their skin concerns, we spend a significant amount of time during their first clinical visit understanding what their current shaving regimen is and how to optimize their regimen to improve their outcomes. Shaving is one step in the regimen. Pre-shave and post-shave are equally important to getting smoother skin.

What causes razor bumps in general and how can they be prevented?
Dr. Jagdeo: Razor bumps are caused by hair that re-enters the skin and hairs that are trapped under the skin. Razor bumps can be prevented by shaving using a regimen, and reduction of razor bumps has been clinically tested when using The Art of Shaving Power Brush as part of a shaving regimen.

It’s known that you should go with the grain as opposed to going against the grain, what if there is no grain? How do you train your skin in terms of shave direction?
Dr. Jagdeo: There is always grain – no matter how slight or imperceptible. Go with the grain first to remove the lengthy aspect of the hair, and then shave against the grain for the closest possible shave. You can find your grain by figuring out which direction provides the path of least resistance when shaving. When shaving with more resistance – that is going against the grain
Genevieve Bochanty: The Grain is the direction your hair grows. No matter how closely you shave, your hair will still be in the follicle and needs to be shaved correctly to minimize causing any shaving irritation.

Why did The Art of Shaving create the Power Brush System?
Dr. Jagdeo: The Art of Shaving created the Power Brush in response to valuable feedback from our “Brotherhood” – a group of The Art of Shaving enthusiasts, and their need for optimized shaving outcomes. An important segment of our clients blessed with thicker, robust, curly hair in the beard distribution area, shared with us their need for a product to assist with reduction of razor bumps and trapped hairs that could integrate into their current shaving regimen. This expressed need led to the development and clinical testing that verified that The Art of Shaving Power Brush is able to effectively decrease razor bumps and released trapped hairs in men with thick curly hair in the beard area. This innovative clinically tested product is uniquely positioned to help men of skin tones have better shaving outcomes and smoother skin.

Bochanty: We have always prided ourselves in our ability to help men achieve their Perfect Shave; consulting them into their own unique version of The Four Elements. Listening is what we do best. While we have great results in our current solutions, we continued to hear from our Shaving Consultants and Customers alike that a portion of extreme suffers still needed a better solution. We knew we had great product, but we could do better for these gentlemen. We looked back at our research on this issue and combined our scientific resources to come up with a solution we knew would have powerful results.

Why should black men use TAOS vs other competitors and products traditionally focused on African-American grooming?
Bochanty: We know shaving. Catering our shaving regimen to black men is not a new thing for us. Our regimen of Prepare, Lather Up!, Shave and Moisturize has been a great solution for these gentlemen for many years. Daily shaving with the right regimen can make a world of difference versus clippers or electric razors. However, in our consistent effort to listen to our clients, we found we needed to be even more innovative in our approach to help these specific issues; persistent razor bumps and in-grown hairs. Our results gave us the only clinically tested regimen dedicated to razor bumps. We didn’t just want to offer any solution, we wanted to offer the right solution we knew would show significant results, specifically for black men.

Dr. Jagdeo: The product development and accompanying clinical testing verifies that The Art of Shaving Power Brush is able to effectively decrease razor bumps and released trapped hairs in men with thick curly hair in the beard area. This is the only clinically tested product is uniquely positioned to help men of skin tones have better shaving outcomes and smoother skin. In my clinical practice, I have helped thousands of men suffering with razor bumps and in-grown hairs, and The Art of Shaving Power Brush represents a game changer for men who are looking for a clinically tested product to improve their skin.

As African American Men have different facial hair and skin than white men, what special steps or tweaks should they make when using Art of Shaving grooming products?
Dr. Jagdeo: I recommend that all men who have a personal history of developing razor bumps focus on enhancing the four steps of their shaving regimen. Men especially could benefit from spending more time during the preparation step – where men ready their face for their shave. Shaving after warm showers or exercise, when the facial hair follicles are most accessible, in combination with The Art of Shaving Power Brush use may yield improved outcomes. For African American Men (and any men blessed with thicker, curly hair that develop ingrown hairs) It is also important to keep your skin moisturized and hydrated. I recommend using after-shaves that are not alcohol based and calm and soothe the skin like The Art of Shaving After Shave Balm. The Art of Shaving Overnight Balm is also great to intensely hydrate your skin and keep it from over drying at night.

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