Bill Bratton Announces Resignation As New York City’s Police Commissioner


William Bratton is set to announce his course with the police force as his role as NYPD Commissioner will be coming to an end.

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Bratton has taken over the title of police commissioner in the city since 2014, but he’s been wearing the badge for 46 years. He has been on a mission to decrease the rates of crime within the city, introducing CompStat, which keeps track of the amount of crimes taking place in an area during a specific time frame. Bratton has rose in fame for his work and dedication to protecting the lives of those living in the state, but the position has taken a toll on him.

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He will be taking on a job within a private sector of the force next month, after he hands over his position to chief of the police department, James O’Neil.

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Mayor of NYC, Bill de Blasio, has scheduled a news conference to take place this afternoon at City Hall regarding his resignation.