Bill Cosby’s Lawyer Steps Down From His Ongoing Legal Battles


Bill Cosby just might be having a hard time keeping his team on board during his legal battles. Fifty-eight women have come forward to accuse the former actor of rape, and Cosby has constantly been fighting their accusations with civil and defamation lawsuits, while facing three felony charges of second-degree aggravated indecent assault at the same time.

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After taking on the responsibilty of fighting to make sure her client is free of all reported rape allegations, Monique Pressley has resigned from her position as Bill Cosby’s lawyer, Deadline reports. Pressley was very vocal when dealing with Cosby’s cases, and she defended her client to a T. The outspoken lawyer was quick to call out any bad judgment, clapped back at any accusatory, defamation statements, and tirelessly spoke out on how these victims should’ve handled the situation if they were indeed victims of rape by her client.

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Although Pressley has yet to comment on her decision to leave the case, her social media pages still consist of photos with Cosby or statements towards the case. So maybe there’s no bad blood between the two.