Black Lives Matter Brings Forth Demands and Solutions For Their Campaigns


More than 60 organizations related to the Black Lives Matter movement have issued an agenda of six demands they have set to accomplish from the police force and criminal justice reforms. Following their demands are 40 solutions of great tactics to accomplish their goals.

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Their demands include ending the war on black people, reparations, investing in education, health, safety, economic justice, community control, and political power.

Their fight was published right after the Democratic and Republican national conventions, just in time for the presidential election, which is a few months away. They are hoping being very vocal at this particular point in time will help “implement policies that truly value the safety and humanity of black lives, and an overall means to hold elected leaders accountable,” said spokeswoman for Baltimore Block, Michaela Brown.

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After publicly releasing their demands on Monday (Aug. 1), the Black Lives Matter movement will now officially begin their campaign. These local campaigns are aimed to hit every city, with its team marching for black political will and power, for change in the law enforcement and its protocols, as well as community programs in the U.S.

Join their campaign to help bring forth change in the African American community.

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