Black Lives Matter Joins Fight Against Deportations


On Monday (Aug. 1), Black Lives Matter announced a six-point plan to combat systemic racism in the United States. Among them is a call to end all deportations, which marks the first time the movement—which started out as a hashtag in 2013—adopted a more thorough plan-of-action comprehensively developed by the Movement for Black Lives.

The group is specifically demanding an end to immigration raids and deportations, and calling for assurances that all immigrants have access to legal representation ahead of going before an immigration judge.

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“An end to the war on Black immigrants,” reads the statement, “including the repeal of the 1996 crime and immigration bills, an end to all deportations, immigrant detention, and Immigration and Custom Enforcement (ICE) raids, and mandated legal representation in immigration court.”

By advocating for the rights of black immigrants, as Fusion points out, Black Lives Matter is targeting the same system that detains and deports all immigrant groups. Here is now the opportunity for a combined effort between Black Lives Matter and Latino immigrant rights groups to unite on the front lines of a black and brown struggle.

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“When you think about deportations and immigrants in detention it’s really under the banner of mass criminalization,” said Carl Lipscombe to Fusion. “The issues impacting immigrants are the exact same issues that impact black people in the United States.

“This could serve to build a bridge,” added Lipscombe, “between the Black Lives Matter movement and the immigrant rights movement.”