California Database Lists 42 Infants As Suspected Gang Members


It goes without saying that the use of technology comes with various flaws, errors, and digital setbacks. According to Buzzfeed, an online database used by California police departments has inadvertently included the names of multiple infants as suspected gang members.

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The CalGang database, as it is called, has been an efficient way for California law enforcement to keep tabs on notorious gang members across the state. However, during a recent state audit, law enforcement agencies across California had trouble verifying key database information. Approximately 42 individuals under the age of 1 were labeled as suspected gang members. Out of those 42, 28 of the infants were labeled as admitting to being gang members. “The errors that we found, some of them could have been typos”, said Margarita Fernandez, a spokesperson for the California State Auditor.

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