Chance Wants To Bring Indpendent Artists To A Radio Station Near You

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In just one year, Chance the Rapper has gone places other independent artists have only dreamed about. He’s became the first independent rapper to perform on Saturday Night Live, and topped charts with his album Coloring Book, without a traditional  single release. And now after all of his success, the Chicago native is seeking to bringing other artists to the top with him by launching a new campaign that will help independent artists get played on major radio stations.

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Chance took to Twitter Tuesday (Aug. 16), to lay out his plans for the new campaign, Rapper Radio. “The radio is like a huge listening party for people of all demographics to get in tune. In those moments it’s mad ppl in harmony,” he tweeted.

While the “No Problems” rapper acknowledged that there were a few glitches to smooth out, the process for requesting music is easy. After entering, fans can select their location and tweet a request to a song on their local radio station.

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“I want you to share my music in whatever city you’re in with as many people as possible,” he wrote on Twitter. The campaign, which is also known as #optioncee, will take place for the next few weeks, according to Chance. And it’s already shown promise at Minnesota’s station, GO 95.3. Check out Chance the Rapper’s plan on Twitter here.