Chance The Rapper Inspires The Youth With #BlackBoyJoy

Leave it to Chance The Rapper to provide a little positive affirmation just because it’s Tuesday. The rapper, who seemed to be everyone’s favorite attendee at the 2016 MTV VMAs, is well aware his red carpet photos were beloved by fans Sunday (Aug. 28) evening.

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From pretending to be an inflatable car wash greeter to jumping around in his stylish overalls, the Coloring Book artist showed major black boy joy before and after the show. He also broke out his inner fanboy feels for Beyonce when she video bombed his interview with MTV.

On Tuesday evening, the rapper posted another photo from the event with the caption, #BlackBoyJoy, creating yet another addicting challenge for the web to take part in.

Check out the best fan reactions to #BlackBoyJoy below.

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