Nike Enlists Chance The Rapper In A New Olympic Short Film


With the Olympics in full force, Nike drops a new short film entitled Unlimited Together starring the U.S. Basketball Team, and none other than Chance the Rapper.

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The film is part of a larger series under the brand’s Unlimited Campaign which focuses on the potential that all athletes have. So far there has been Unlimited Courage, Unlimited Future, and Unlimited You. The newest installment was directed by Huro Murai, catching a very emotional montage of moments to accompany Chance’s lyrics.

Chance raps and sings over a piano assisted beat about what the people would want from our “heros” and rounds it out with letting the Olympians know that “wherever you go, we’re right by your side.” Donning his now infamous “3” cap and what looks like Nike Air More Uptempos, (most likely in the Olympic colorway despite the black and white video), Chance flows his way into a smooth close and is getting rave reviews on social media. Check out the video below: