Charles Barkley Receives A New TNT Gig, ‘The Race Card’


Charles Barkley has inked another deal with TNT network, which has nothing to do with life on the basketball court.

The former NBA player will be addressing important social issues, while exploring the state the country is currently in and why it’s so divided between different racial groups. Barkley will also be executive producing the show, and he’s looking forward to his new project.

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“We as Americans never discuss the issues of race in this country and how it impacts everything in our lives until something bad happens,” he said. “I see this project as a way to talk about race, class and cultural differences and challenge everyone’s status quo.”

Barkley is known for always speaking his mind on Inside The NBA, so this six run, one-hour episode hosting gig will place him right in his comfort zone, granting him an open mic to being as candid about societal issues as he wants.

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He has spoken up on the recent incidents of police brutality and racism, as officers have been pin pointed for wrongfully killing African Americans. “We got to do better as black people, ” he said. “The cops have made some mistakes, but there’s a lot of blame to go around. But I’m not going to get on TV and yell like all these other idiots. I’m willing to sit down with anybody and have constructive criticism. I always tell myself as a black man: ‘Am I part of the problem or part of the solution?’ If I’m out doing illegal stuff, stupid stuff, I’m part of the problem. If I’m helping young black kids go to college like I’m trying to do, if I’m giving money to causes to help young men, I know I’m part of the solution.”

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