Chile’s Kali Mutsa Is Back From The Future With A Cosmic Soundtrack


From the odder end of the indie spectrum and out of the depths of the intergalactic, comes Chilean singer and band Kali Mutsa, mixing elements of cumbia, gypsy culture, house and electronic. Since her “reappearance” in 2011, Kali Mutsa has been globetrotting and spreading her musica religiosa bailable, which is deeply rooted in South American folkloric music.

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Kali Mutsa told FADER that her new EP is “inspired by Franz Mesmer, a physician during the French Revolution who pioneered spiritualism in medicine. He was the first to uncover the secrets behind sleep-walking and tried to use magnetized water and harmonies in glass to heal pains. I wanted the album to sound like a vintage recording. With my producers Pablo Stipicic and Erasmo Parra, we infused the songs with samples from ’40s and ’50s cinema and mixed it with violent beats and deformed vocals. Mesmer is my soundtrack for a futurist Latin American cabaret from the distant past.”