Chuck Inglish Is So Serious About The Cool Kids Reunion


Chuck Inglish was as candid during his recent stop by the VIBE office. The rapping producer came by to talk about his new album, The Cool Kids reunion, and more.

After announcing on July 13 that The Cool Kids were actually returning, Inglish has been hard at work on his newest album, titled Water Colors. The inspiration behind the album is how music and colors come together.

Inglish talked about how the name was solidified after he took Acid and the tears in his eyes caused him to see things blend together. After that experience it just made sense to him. “It was probably one of the more pure experiments I’ve ever experienced,” Inglish said.

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The album is set to be released in October — sometime around his b-day. “It just seems like the summer isn’t really over the first week of October, it might still be hot in this b*tch,” Inglish proclaimed.

Finishing Water Colors is his number one priority now but that doesn’t mean he isn’t looking a little bit down the line. Through August and September he plans to record new music with his Cool Kids partner Mikey Rocks. The two haven’t released new music as the Cool Kids since their 2011 album When Fish Ride Bicycles.

“We watched each other growth and we never really broke up,” says Chuck. We were kinda just looking at the world a little bit and really there is just no good news.”

“And as much as we talked it would just be better if we did this sh*t full steam again and not hang it up. Regardless of what we do separate we are still us. Me and him are always going to be on the same page about sh*t. The world don’t want to see us not on the same bill.”

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The duo plans on hitting the road for a tour, but Inglish made it clear though that it wasn’t just about coming back. They are really trying to “squeeze” a record out of their brains. It all comes back to the sounds that their fans crave.

“In the grand scheme of things ain’t nobody ever rap on my sh*t like him. I kinda wanna just make dope music. And that is why I [decided to bring The Cool Kids back],” Inglish said.

You can watch the whole interview below: