Cozz Brings Darkness To The Light In “Can’t Breathe”


Cozz’s Nothing Personal mixtape was slept on by some, but true connoisseurs of hip-hop know it has been one of the standout Dreamvill releases. For those who are still getting up on game, the Western Ave. rapper recently released two powerful visuals.

All Def Digital and Cozz really brought their “Don’t Breathe” video to life. The video is very theatrical and very reminiscent to the “Deep Cover” video by Snoop & Dre from ’92. We get a very dark and suspenseful feeling which compliments the actual footage from the movie being shown.

Although we cannot tell exactly what is happening in the background clips, the imagery alone builds the mood of the track along with bits that foreshadow a very nerve wrecking film. Cozz raps on the song: “cant believe what you see, but best believe you can still see me in the dark.”

ADD had this to say about the video: Cozz composes an original track inspired Sony’s upcoming thriller, “Don’t Breathe,” and then performs it in a cinematic, music-video like style, that captures the aesthetic and narrative of the film — with visuals from the film as a backdrop. Cozz’s clean delivery and strong ability to story-tell, matched up against director Fede Alvarez’s chilling film — after all, he rebooted the Evil Dead franchise — will keep you at the edge of your seat. The movie opens [Friday August 26th].