DJ Esco & Future’s “Benjamins” Video Shows The Life Of A Rockstar


DJ Esco and Future have done it again with the video to their new track, “Benjamins.” The glamorous visuals show a turnt up Esco living life — and performing in Las Vegas as it shows him living the crazy rockstar lifestyle.

The “Benjamins” video, sans Future himself, is a lit conceptual piece where EscoMoCity is wildin out in the hotel, to the stage, and all the way to the desert, and with a dread head bad one at the wheel. But don’t let the gaudy visuals fool you as it gets it gets darker around the closing. Esco and his mistress ride off into the desert and end up recovering a very ominous package as the night sky gets darker.

Throughout the video, Esco is posted with a shovel, digging for something, but as it all comes together, things take a dark twist in the end.

Watch the video here.

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