Dominican Painter German Pérez Combats Patriarchy With Clinton Art


Dominican-American painter German Pérez is known for using his artistic talent to express his feminist beliefs, and now, to express his support for Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton.

Tapping into the very core of what makes up his culture, language and heritage, Pérez explores his love of women through paint, and from the perspective of someone with Taino and African roots. Pérez is an active feminist who fights for women’s rights, so much that he longs to see a woman in the oval office.

“I believe women in power demonstrate that they take care of more of the important things,” shared Pérez in an interview with NBC News. “When men are in power, they compete with each other to see who has more guns and who has the bigger guns. It’s the male competition. Women take care of the important issues.”

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In July of 2015, the Dominican-American painter sent his design to Clinton’s campaign, to which they thanked him with a letter signed by Clinton herself. He now sells merchandise with Clinton’s design including shirts, mugs, iPhone cases and buttons.

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“Women take care of the most important issues, so I will support any woman for the ticket, more than any man. I am tired of men in power, really, everywhere,” he continued. “I want to see women in power, not just in politics, but in the private sector too.”

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Well known for his successful exhibit Amen de Mariposas, Pérez proves time and time again his admiration for women. In Amen de Mariposas he honors the Mirabal sisters, three sisters who led a revolution to put an end to Dominican dictator Rafael Trujillo in the 1960s. The sisters, nicknamed butterflies, fought fearlessly against the regime of Trujillo until they were brutally murdered by the dictator’s henchmen. Today, they are considered Dominican Republic’s pride and joy, and a global symbol for feminism.

Pérez is thought to be the leading man in the 1980s artistic scene in the Dominican Republic. Representing his island, the painter has traveled the world in a total of approximately 28 solo exhibitions. Today, his work could be found at the Dominican Republic Museum of Modern Art, the Norwegian Museum of Modern Art, the Budapest Museum of Modern Art and the Museum of Modern Art in Ibiza, among many others. Check out his work here.