Donald Glover Promises ‘Atlanta’ Is Nothing Like ‘Empire’

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Donald Glover’s Atlanta series isn’t the actor’s first go-around in television. He’s written for the Emmy-winning series 30 Rock and starred and the fan-favorite comedy, Community. When it comes to his anticipated show, Glover is all about keeping the tone right and black–very black.

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Indiewire reports Glover and the rest of the cast dished on what audiences can expect from the FX series during the Television Critics Association press tour on Tuesday (August 9). When asked about the show’s minimal but dreamlike approach, the creator says there’s no limit to where he decides to go. “There really isn’t a limit to how abstract you can get, as long as you believe it,” he said. “There has to be a grounded nature to something — if you have something that is grounded on some level, you can go anywhere. You just have to have it so that they’re abiding by their own rules every step of the way.”

The series will follow Glover as Earnest “Earn” Marks who’s failed attempts stardom are overshadowed by his cousin’s new-found fame as Atlanta’s new hip-hop act. Six promos have been released, showing the dramedy’s take on love, friendships and stardom. Glover is aware of the other music-related shows on the small screen and doesn’t want to be like them a.k.a the black version of Dynasty known as Empire.“Really cool rappers have approached me, but I want to make sure we use them the right way,” he says of celebrity cameos. “It’s a dangerous time to be doing that because I didn’t want people to catch the vibe of, oh, this is like ‘Empire.’”

Another takeaway he hopes fans can get from the show is the black experience. “I want people to feel scared because that’s what it feels like to be black,” Glover said. “Amazing things can happen, but it can be taken away in a moment.”

Check out more from the press tour here and the new promos-in 15 second form-below.



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