Donald Trump Reportedly Thought He Could Continue Hosting ‘The Apprentice’ As President


Information unearthed from a 2011 conversation between Donald Trump and NBCUniversal Chief Executive Steve Burke alleges that the Republican Presidential nominee suggested that he could host and star in his reality show The Apprentice from the White House if he was elected President, The Daily Mail reports.

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Vanity Fair’s contributing editor Sarah Ellison wrote back in June that the two discussed Trump thinking about running for president. Burke eventually talked to him and told him that he did not want the star of his reality show running for President…unfortunately, he didn’t listen.

However, the two were able to reach a compromise during their initial conversation.

“It outlined, presumably fantastically, that Trump should run for president; and on the off chance that he won, he would continue to star in The Apprentice from within the White House,” the article read.

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Ellison gained traction for the information she reported on after being invited as a guest on the podcast “The Takeaway.”

“…Trump doesn’t distinguish between what an audience would be,” she said on the show. “…you can actually monetize, and what the political electorate is, that would actually go out and vote for someone.”

Trump was fired by NBC in 2015 after making several inappropriate and racial comments geared towards immigrants of Mexican decent.

Check out Ellison’s comments below.