Drake: “Shout Out To The Real DJs That Know About Real Music”


It appears as though Drake isn’t letting up on his feud with Hot 97’s Funkmaster Flex. At a New York Summer Sixteen after party, Drake took to the stage to remind the crowd his love for New York  is unwavering, however, he’s just not a fan of one of the city’s veteran DJs.

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#Drake sends more shots at #FunkFlex

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“Shout out to the real DJs keeping New York music alive. I don’t mean going and playing the songs four weeks late and sh*t trying to sound cool, late night primetime on the radio 7 to 9 O’clock talking all that bullsh*t” Drake said. “I mean, shout out to the real DJs that know about the real music and sh*t like that. Shout out to New York City, it’s love. You already know. My name is Drake, I’m here to f*ck with you tonight.”

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Thursday night (August 4) while fans were patiently waiting for Frank Ocean’s sophomore project “Boys Don’t Cry”  the Views artist used the Madison Square Garden stage to make his angst against Flex known. It didn’t take long for the DJ to get wind of the comments and shortly after he took to Twitter to respond. Ebro was then corralled into the drama and for a smooth 15 minutes (as the young kids say) “the streets were hot.”

Friday, Ebro weighed in and said Drake’s quarrel with the station is in part because he revealed if Eminem were ever to ever lyrically challenge the “One Dance” artist he would fire back.

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“What is this really about with Drake?” Ebro asked. “Is this really about the fact that I said we was joking about him making comments about Eminem? You think that’s what this is really about? Or is this about Flex? Or is this about all of it?”

Ebro later determined Drake is being overly sensitive.

“If you’re sensitive about something in the first place, any little thing can get you,” Ebro said.

Maybe Drizzy is being sensitive or maybe Flex, Ebro and Hot 97 are playing too much. Either way, this feud doesn’t look like it’s going to be put to bed anytime soon.