Dylann Storm Roof Was Assaulted In Prison By A Fellow Inmate


Dylann Storm Roof, the 22 year old who stands accused of killing nine black parishioners inside Charleston, S.C.’s Emanuel AME church, was attacked in prison Thursday. (August 4)

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According to reports, the attacker, 25 year old Dwayne Stafford, ran from an unlocked cell and bruised Roof in the face and back. Authorities say no weapons were found and that Roof and his lawyers don’t plan on pressing charges again Stafford who’s been in prison since January on charges of armed robbery, assault and battery.

Charleston County Sheriff Al Cannon Jr. says there is no evidence that indicates the attack was racially motivated. Cannon blames Thursday’s incident on “complacency.” The sheriff said inmates are escorted to the showers one by one while others wait in closed cells. Stafford’s cell wasn’t locked and he was able to run down a flight of stairs and attack Roof before being apprehended.

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Cannon said one guard was taking a break while another was handing an inmate toilet paper at the time of the attack.  The second guard acted quickly getting Stafford of Roof who was in a “defensive crouch.”