Dylann Storm Roof Jailhouse Attacker Released On $100K Bond


The South Carolina inmate who supposedly attacked accused Charleston 9 shooter posted bond nearly 18 months after his initial arrest. According to reports, Dwayne Stafford was released from the Charleston County Detention Center 24 hours after news broke he punched Dylann Storm Roof near the shower area.

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The 26-year-old was in prison when he was arrested on first-degree assault and robbery charges. Records don’t show who put up the $100,000 bond, but after the bathroom incident, Stafford supporters launched a fundraiser page to donate to his commissary.

News of Stafford’s assault on 22 year old Roof hit the Internet the same day many learned George Zimmerman was punched in the face after bragging about killing Trayvon Martin. Roof has been held in protective custody and was taking a solo shower when guards momentarily left their post, which was when Stafford bolted down a flight of stairs and attacked Roof.

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Roof faces several hate crimes and nine murder charges after he killed parishioners inside Charleston, South Carolina’s historical Emanuel AME Church.