Dymes Only Is Bringing Sexy Back To Your Closet With Its Latest Line


We might have just found your new favorite clothing line. Dymes Only, a female streetwear brand, is making waves in the fashion industry for its newly released t-shirt line inspired by hip hop’s style icon, Aaliyah.

The Dymes – including, Ashanti’s sister, Shia and a number of her girlfriends took an event planning business and their keen sense of fashion sense and eventually turned it into a lifestyle brand. The brand, which features a series of t-shirts, leggings, bottoms, and dresses – while cute in its nature – was formed to “preserve and maintain the culture.”

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The Aaliyah line specifically, is comprised of custom pieces, which marry Aaliyah’s signature boyish and sexy looks. “My brand is basically raised off of Aaliyah. It’s that tomboy swag that you can wear from day to night. You can wear it in the day, and still go out to the club and be comfortable and breathable, and not feel like you have to wear a body-con dress to be cute,” she says.

Classic 🍾 Aaliyah Vibe Cover Tee 🌹#Aaliyah #BabyGirl #dymesonly®

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Shia says that Dymes Only recognizes the impact and legacy that the “One In A Million” singer had on generations young and old, and wants to honor it through clothing. “Aaliyah was important to us, then and now, in fashion and music. She always seemed like a sweetheart with a good heart and a light around her,” she continued.

“With Dymes only being a lifestyle Streetwear brand, in such influential times..  we unfortunately but fortunately assume some what of a responsibility for reminding the world and society that we are important. That we have been setting trends throughout history and our culture for decades,” Shia explains. “I think sometimes people don’t realize that they’re are people paying money to look like us dress like us, have fat asses and full lips like us. Which is sad because you have lil black girls wanting to be Kylie Jenner without realizing Kylie is just mirroring them, no shade to Kylie, but these kids being raised on social media are forgetting who they are and what they come from.”

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It’s been 15 years since Aaliyah was tragically taken. But even so, you can still see young girls walking around with the same trends she set years before some of them were even born. She may be gone, but Dymes Only intends to keep her energy and fashion sense alive. “Aaliyah was a gem to us, a true class act…not sure if we will come across another,” says Shia.

The t-shirts are running for about $40. Check out the custom shirts on the official Dymes Only site here.