Ebro Thinks Drake’s Beef With Funkmaster Flex Is Deeper Than It Seems


While performing at Madison Square Garden Thursday for his Summer Sixteen tour (Aug. 4), Drake brought his beef with Funkmaster Flex center stage. Drizzy said that he won’t be stepping foot into Hot 97’s studio until they fire Flex. His problems with the station also extend to Ebro Darden. The “One Dance” singer wasn’t pleased when he found out that the “Ebro In The Morning” host said on the show that Drake had once told him he would hypothetically fire back if Eminem ever came for him lyrically.

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Ebro has since responded to Drake’s comments about the NYC-based radio station, and he isn’t convinced the 6ix god’s complaints are as shallow as they seem.

“What is this really about with Drake?” Ebro asked. “Is this really about the fact that I said we was joking about him making comments about Eminem? You think that’s what this is really about? Or is this about Flex? Or is this about all of it?”

The general consensus in the studio seems to be that Drake can’t take a joke.

“If you’re sensitive about something in the first place, any little thing can get you,” Ebro said.

Listen in on their conversation: