El Chapo Biopic Still Happening Says Kate Del Castillo


Mexican actress Kate del Castillo has made quite the headlines this year after her curious involvement with the biggest drug lord in the world, Joaquín Guzmán, better known as, El Chapo. The Spanish soap opera star is still under investigation after her and actor Sean Penn’s secret meeting with the most wanted man in the world, allegedly for her film on El Chapo himself.

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According to Fox News Latino, in a statement put out by del Castillo’s representatives, the actress is asking for the Mexican government to drop all accusations of obstruction of justice and money laundering. What’s more, nothing is stopping her from completing her controversial film.

“The Mexican Attorney General’s office has constantly violated her rights to due process by leaking information of the investigation to the media, and violating her presumption of innocence,” said the statement. This is not the first time the actress has spoken out against the Mexican attorney general, sharing her frustration on Twitter back in May, after text messages between del Castillo and El Chapo went viral.

El Chapo shocked the world in 2015 after he escaped from a maximum security prison for the second time through a tunnel created in his prison cell’s shower area. The tunnel led to a construction site nearby, where he then escaped from until his third capturing in early January of 2016.

The actress was soon thereafter contacted by Guzman’s lawyer, who previously discussed with her the possibilities of producing a biographical film about him back in 2014.

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Del Castillo reportedly plans on continuing to make her movie regardless of what’s ahead legally. “Kate has consistently made clear that her only goal was to produce an artistic and journalistic project of Guzman’s life story and turn it into a compelling and informative film project that would help Mexicans and Americans understand the deadly business of the drug cartels,” said the statement. “Regardless of what comes next, Kate is committed to completing the film project for which she has already committed so much of her time.”