Fetty Wap And Masika Kalysha Address Parenting Issues On ‘Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood’

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Viewers of VH1’s mainstay show, Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood, will return later this month for another dose of weekly drama. This time, a new face will join the cast, that being rookie rapper Fetty Wap.

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The New Jersey native appears in a sit-down scene with Masika Kalysha, stating that he’d like to be present at the hospital during her delivery. “I wanna be the one when she gets older ‘That’s my daddy,’ he said. But in a next scene, things took a sour turn when Fetty wasn’t fond of a few comments Masika made publicly about his lack of claiming their newborn, and said, “You can tell the world all you want. That ain’t gon’ help you be a better mother.”

Check out the trailer below.

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