Fit Gear And Fashion For Your Summer ’16 Workouts


With Teyana Taylor’s sexily surprising appearance in Kanye West’s steamy music video, “Fade,” it’s safe to say that all the ladies (and even gentlemen) are hitting the gym double time. But before you hit the gym and get your sweat on, make sure you have the right gear to get you through your workout session.

First thing’s first, be sure to wear clothing that will wick away the sweat and dry quickly after a workout. Read the label. If you read cotton and it’s 100%, then that means it’s not a workout friendly shirt. Looking for clothing with no more than 30% cotton, if you must. The same goes for bras, ladies. Keep your fabrics as far away from cotton as possible. It will reduce chaffing and allow you to not feel your workout 10 minutes after your session as you ride the train or bus or drive home.

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Next, you want to have some foot-friendly shoes that offer the proper support for your training session. Make sure you sneakers are not too small or too big. If your toes are more than a thumb’s width from the top of your big toe to the front of the shoe, then you’ll need a smaller size. If your big toe is rubbing against the front of the shoe, go up a half (or whole size) to give you toe a little wiggle room. Aside from comfort, you want to make sure your shoes are well-ventilated and allow your feet to do some breathing and cooling off, too. You’re feet will be happy.

Lastly, besides having your workout plan ready, add gadget or two to your session, like some wireless headphones, a fitness tracker or even some transportable equipment. Why not make your sweat session a little more interesting and motivating?

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Flip through the gallery up top to see some recommended fitness gear in action.

Fashion Director: Daniel Williams; Photographer: Jason Gaskins