Florida Dad Reportedly Ditches 5-Year-Old Son Who Couldn’t Keep Up During Police Chase


Parenting requires crucial decision-making. In the case of a Florida father, he reportedly ditched his 5-year-old son during a police chase when the child wasn’t moving fast enough.

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Jerry McCabe, 27, was arrested on Tuesday (Aug. 2) after running from police during a traffic stop. The police report says McCabe eluded cops in his vehicle, and then began running when his tires were blown out.

Officers claim McCabe yelled at the boy to keep up during the foot pursuit. He eventually left the child once they approached a barbed-wire fence.

A nearby security guard stepped in to watch the boy while cops continued the chase. McCabe later surrendered to authorities, and no one was reported injured.

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He was arrested on a multitude of charges including child abuse without great bodily harm, child neglect, driving on a suspended license, weed possession, and resisting arrest without violence.

McCabe told cops he was taking the child to get a physical for football, but ran because his l license valid, and he had weed in the car.