A Man Dies To Save His Wife During A Rip Current At Miami Beach


Miami Beach has claimed the life of a Fort Meyers man, but not before he saved his wife. Kendra Smith, reports that while the two had taken a day trip to Miami Beach, her husband, Sherrod Whittington died after rescuing her from a rip current that swept her away.

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“As they were pulling me under, I was trying to hold onto him, he was trying to hold onto me,” Smith recalled. “In some kind of wave, he lost his grasp and then he got me back again, he found me again.”

A rip current is often confused with a rip tide. A rip current is a fast moving channel of water, often moving 8 feet per second, according to the National Ocean Service. Getting caught in one can result in fatigue and the NOAA recommends swimming parallel to shore to avoid being swept out any further. When Smith and Whittington were swept away to sea, Whittington was able to get Smith to safety, but lost his own life in the strength of the current.

“Life is just so short. I would have never guessed in a million years that we would go have fun and the next thing you know, he’s gone,” Smith said.

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She has vowed to honor him and calls him her hero, as he yelled to shore to make sure that the lifeguards saved her first. Hopefully his valor will not only be remembered by his wife, but by all.