Fact or Fiction: Frank Ocean’s ‘Boys Don’t Cry’ Album Has A Release Date


The wait finally seems to be almost over!

Frank Ocean’s forthcoming album, Boys Don’t Cry, reportedly has a release date for this Friday (August 5). Yeah, you read that correctly. If specuilation and insder info is correct, a new Frank Ocean project will be available for everyone this week.

Well… almost everyone. According to the New York Times Frank is putting the album out exclusively through Apple Music. Sources with “knowledge of the release” claim it will be an Apple exclusive for the first two weeks before being accessible on other streaming services.

The uber-talented singer has decided to not only bless his fans with new music, but it is rumored Franky has a “major video” and a printed publication called Boys Don’t Cry on the way as well. Fans first buzzed about the magazine after a mysterious post popped on Frank’s Tumblr last summer that showed him sitting holding up a magazine while second versions sat in a pile on the ground by his feet. Both periodicals had “Boys Don’t Cry” written on the front and the caption of the photo was

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CREDIT: Tumblr

“I got two versions. I got twooo versions…”

This was close to a year ago and now after a long wait, the crooner has begun to tease fans again. After making an immaculate appearance on Kanye West’s album  The Life Of Pablo, Ocean seems to be gearing up for something special. Yesterday (August 1), he caught everyone by surprise with an update to his website that included a mysterious live stream video.

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All of this comes after Frank allegedly claimed the album would be released in July. Well July came and went and now it seems we will finally get what we’ve been waiting four long and cold (Okay, maybe it wasn’t that cold but still) years for. Ocean’s last release, Channel Orange came back in 2012 and was a Grammy winning masterpiece.