Frank Ocean’s Website Offers Another Mysterious Clue About His Album’s Status


The Internet was practically lit on fire due to a tidbit from the elusive Frank Ocean earlier last month, in which the Grammy winner offered up a clue on the whereabouts of his sophomore album Boys Don’t Cry. A library card posted to his website suggested that the due date of the album would be in July…

…well, lo and behold, today is Aug. 1, and we’ve been bamboozled yet again.

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However, it looks like the mysterious and talented musician is up to something, we just don’t really know what that something is. A video began on his website very early this morning and as you could expect, the good people on the Internet are losing their minds.

The looped video consists of a man working in a warehouse behind two large tables. You can hear the sounds of construction as well as the faint sounds of music in the background. This could imply that the album is still “under construction.” Womp.

But don’t worry! The library card that was posted in July also offers a clue- that the album would be “late.” If you look closely, you will see that there is a date stamped November 13, 2016.

If this is indeed the day we will finally be gifted with Frank’s falsettos, it would fall on the same date as Odd Future collective member Tyler, The Creator’s Camp Flog Gnaw Carnival. Coincidence?

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Until then, we’ll reluctantly wait some more. Check out the looped video here.