Wishful Thinking: Is This The New Frank Ocean Release Date?

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For the few fans who haven’t given up hope or stopped believing the lies, there might be another release date for Frank Ocean’s highly-anticipated sophomore album, Boys Don’t Cry.

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The next date: Sunday, November 13, 2016. It may seem like an odd day to release a record, but the date might’ve been in front of us all along. If you remember, in July Frank shared a mysterious library due date card, which many fans believed were hints to a date for the album. But as we’ve made it past May, June, and July without an album in sight, a new theory has developed suggesting the album will drop this fall.

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The album was rumored to be released August 5, exclusively on Apple Music, after his website offered a mysterious black and white video, but unfortunately that day came and went as well. So we won’t exactly hold our breath on this new fan theory, but hopefully Frank will put our irritations and anxiety to rest soon.