After Four Years, Frank Ocean Releases A Visual Album Titled “Endless”


After what felt like an eternity, and a series of mysterious live streams, Frank Ocean released his visual album Endless early Friday morning (August 19) to the fans who have been waiting.

The 2012 release of Frank Ocean’s freshman debut Channel Orange catapulted the singer-songwriter to new heights and cemented him as one of music’s elite. Fans listened, loved, dissected and treasured the body of work Ocean–real name Christopher Francis Ocean–delivered and for a while, all was well in the world.

But that was four WHOLE years ago.

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Ocean’s fans have all but disowned the reclusive singer, only to perk up whenever he’d offer a morsel of evidence he was working on the album. After posting a mysterious photo of an old library slip with several dates, the Internet assumed his sophomore record would be released in July. July however came and went and no Frank Ocean album.

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Well, it appears as though Mr. Ocean heard the cries of fans because the 27-year-old singer finally released his highly anticipated project.  So yeah, we had to wait through several displays of his skillful carpentry in order to receive his new work, but, it’s all to the good. Enough long talk. We’ve waited forever for this moment.

and we’re live

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Stream Frank’s latest project here.