Homeless College Student, Fred Barley, Says GoFundMe Dispute Has Been Resolved


Fred Barley, the homeless college student who garnered attention after biking six hours just to register for college classes, can finally focus on things that regular college students focus on. After a GoFundMe account, created by Casey Blaney, successfully raised $184,000 to aid in the student’s college career, the account was subsequently frozen after Blaney began questioning Barley’s story.

Although it remained unclear of what parts of Barley’s story were being questioned, several reports stated that he objected to put the money in a trust fund if he couldn’t decide on the attorney and the trustee. However, now it seems as if everything has been resolved.

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On Monday morning (Aug. 1), the 19-year-old took to Facebook to announce that he and Blaney agreed on establishing a trust fund with the money donated via GoFundMe that would ultimately be used to fund his college tuition and living expenses. Barley began the post by saying, “So I have some great news for everyone that has been following the story.” He went on to say that, “My attorney Christopher Chapman has got in contact with Wright Gammon , Mrs. Blaney’s attorney, and has come to terms so both parties are happy.”

He concluded his news with, “Thank you everyone for your prayers and standing behind me through everything. God makes a way.” The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reported that GoFundMe’s Bobby Withmore also commented on the news saying, “We’re pleased everyone agreed to set up an Educational Trust for Fred. As soon as the trust is fully established, the funds will be directly transferred to the trust.”

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