Freddie Gibbs Extradited To Austria Over Rape Allegations


Freddie Gibbs was extradited to Austria last week, amid allegations that he raped a woman in the country last year.

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The 34-year-old rapper was arrested in France on June 2, just ahead of a performance. He was subsequently freed on bail, but a judge ordered Gibbs’ extradition to Austria in late June, which he initially appealed.

According to a statement from attorney Theodore Simon, Gibbs “voluntarily withdrew his procedural extradition appeal,” and continues to cooperate with police.

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“He did so to work cooperatively with authorities to assure a smooth transfer to Austria and to further enhance the opportunity for an expedited decision on the merits,” the statement reads. “Freddie has faithfully abided by all terms and conditions of his release and transfer set by the Court.”

Gibbs “adamantly denies” the rape allegations.