G-Star & Pharrell School Us On The Appeal Of Raw Denim In Latest Campaign


What is RAW? Ask singer-songwriter, record producer and G-Star co-owner Pharrell Williams and he’ll explain, “RAW is not a noun, RAW is verb.”

For the first in in the brand’s history, G-Star is bringing it’s curation of stylish, perfectly fit raw denim to the masses by answering just why their niche speciality is important in the marketplace for their Fall/Winter 2016 campaign.

Why does every stitch tell a story? All will be revealed 1st of September #WhatisRAW

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Touching on the story that lies beneath the seams of their quality denim, the campaign is a cool digital experience that allows individuals to learn more about the brand and those employees behind the scenes via a series of 10 short films.

From the brand’s product engineering process, using 3D-denim construction, and their commitment to sustainable innovation, there’s much to learn about G-Star, which will also make you feel a bit more at ease for their prices that make you do a double take.

Head over to the G-Star to watch the first campaign video.