Gloss Gang Gets Gritty On New Song, “F What You Thought”


The Gloss Gang gets busy on new song “F*** What You Thought,” and calls on co-horts Kaimikaze Kai and Brad Piff to hop on the track. They want the people to know that despite what some haters may think, they get the guap, and they are always ready for that static.

The Crown Heights based crew gave the people an incendiary barn-burning record full of turnt up aggression. Their rapid fire flow certainly compliments their take-no-prisoners attitude on the track. In short, “F What You Thought” is a brash, gritty, and dark song full of convincing tough talk with plenty of infections energy.

Their confidence propels “F What You Thought” as an aggresive anthem of overcoming adversity and lavishing in your rewards.

Check out the song here.