This Is How Gucci Mane Reacts While Reading ‘Sweet Tweets’ From Fans


Gucci Mane is having a pretty great 2016, and he was absolutely right – everybody’s looking. But as we know, when all eyes are on you, there’s probably someone tweeting about what they see not too far away. In Gucci’s case, they’re mainly good things.

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As part one of Spotify’s “Sweet Tweets” series, Gucci Mane read sweet things his fans had to say about him on Twitter and responded with his thoughts on the tweet. In one instance a fan wrote, “If Gucci Mane was a chicken nugget, he’d be a saucy boneless wing.” The clearly amused rapper responded with a few laughs before saying, “Damn sure, I’m spilling sauce though so I can see where you get that from.”

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Another tweet centered on the tweeter’s baby being due on the same day as Gucci’s Everybody Looking. “Wow. Maybe she’ll name that baby Everybody Looking,” Gucci joked. Considering the album, according to Billboard, has reached No. 1 on the Billboard Top R&B/Hip-Hop Albums chart, becoming the rapper’s first number one album, that baby was born on a pretty good day.

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