Haitian-Dominican Wins Dominican Republic’s First Olympics Medal


Between #LochteGate and the multiple wins by people of color, the 2016 Rio Olympics have been chocked full of interesting surprises. The Dominican Republic’s most recent Bronze medal win is among one the best surprises yet.

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Luisito Pie, a Dominican of Haitian descent, has won the country’s first 2016 medal. If the surprise is still not apparent, consider that the Dominican government stripped all Dominicans of foreign descent of their citizenship just in 2013. The people disproportionately affected were Dominicans of Haitian descent, and the cities all over the U.S. rallied for the government to cease its “ethnic cleansing.”

The Caribbean nation still launched a massive campaign to deport those not of Dominican descent, especially undocumented immigrants. Issues with being held in detention for long periods or a violation of rights still plague the country, so for Pie to win their first medal in this year’s Games is not only momentous, but should spark much necessary dialogue concerning the citizens of the shared island of Hispaniola.

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Congratulations on this win for Luisito Pie, y dale!