Interview: Frank Ocean Fan Makes App That Alerts You When The Album Drops


Frank Ocean’s fans have grown anxious and some irate while awaiting his sophomore project, Boys Don’t Cry. While some of the reaction is questionable, most is warranted. After the New York Times confirmed the album would drop Aug. 5, fans gave the singer up until 11:59 p.m. to drop the album, but there was nothing but tears and Arthur memes summarizing their feelings.

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While everyone else is debating the existence of Boys Don’t Cry, University of Calfornia, Davis student Shahzeb Khan was busy creating a site that alerts fans when the project is officially released. By scouring over music streaming sites like Apple and Spotify, (650)82OCEAN will put the world and his fans back at ease.

While Frank’s website will more than likely do the same thing, the site allows fans to also receive text alerts instead of emails. VIBE chatted wit Khan via email about his favorite Frank jams and his true passions.

Check out the convo below.

CREDIT: Shahzeb Khan

VIBE: Tell us about yourself.

Shahzeb Khan: I’m a student at UC Davis studying computer science and engineering. Photography and the outdoors are my true passions.

Why come up with the app?

I got tired of refreshing all these websites like Twitter and iTunes to See if his album was out, so I thought I’d just write a software that would take care of it for me.

Do you have a favorite Frank Ocean song?

“Thinkin About You.” It’s a go to in my driving playlist.

If you can ask Frank one question, what would it be?

On behalf of humanity, I would like to know why Frank is torturing his fans like this.

CREDIT: Shahzeb Khan

Do you think boys don’t cry? 

Thanks to Frank, Boys absolutely cry.

What happens to the app if the album never drops?

In that case, this service will make it without any problems to the year 3005.

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