This 8-Year-Old Californian Started A Home Bakery To Fund A New House For His Mother


A home-based bakery is serving up a batch of treats that’ll aid in an even greater purpose. Jalen Bailey decided to kickstart his own bakery in order to provide funds for a new home for he and his mother, KFSN-TV reports.

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With a summer job of his own creation, Jalen, 8, whips up a variety of cookies, bread, muffins and other delectable goodies. The entrepreneur sells his baked goods within his neighborhood of Fresno, Calif., and although he wants to be a millionaire, he wants to support his mother in buying a new house. “I just want one that me and my mom can be happy in,” he told the network.

His mother, Sharhonda Mahan, said that entrepreneurial spirit is in his DNA, sharing that she’s had side businesses since she was 18. Mahan later added that she was taken aback when Jalen told her the purpose for his bakery. “It was a little overwhelming because it was something that I couldn’t do for him,” she said.

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After attending a networking event for cooking entrepreneurs, Jalen made pivotal connections and one man offered to donate a used oven to allow the mini-businessman to continue his baking endeavors.

Check out the future master chef below.