Janelle Monae Pays Homage To The Jackson 5 On “Hum Along & Dance (Gotta Get Down).”

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Janelle Monae is showing how she gets down with her new track, “Hum Along & Dance (Gotta Get Down).” The singer debuted her new single, which will also be featured on the soundtrack for the Netflix original series The Get Down, on the Ebro Darden’s Beats 1 show today (August 10).

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Janelle revealed she joined the jam-packed soundtrack after forming a relationship with the series’ producer, Baz Luhrmann when they both attended an event in Sydney, Australia. And from there, she jumped in the studio. While the upbeat track delivers a modern twist to the 70s funk and hip hop music, it pays homage to Motown and the Jackson Five.

“The great thing about it, they had the rights to the Jackson Five “Hum Along And Dance,” Janelle told Ebro. “We got in the studio, picked parts that we loved and that’s how we made the music. It was inspired by the Jackson Five and I just put Janelle Monae on it, but I wanted to keep the essence of Jackson Five. Michael is one of my heroes. As I was recording this song, I was envisioning a world where color was not the center of attention. I wasn’t a black and white, green and yellow, but we were all on the dance floor together, living and breathing as one.”

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Janelle Monae’s single is yet another track to drop from the The Get Down soundtrack. The song follows after Miguel’s “Cadillac.” The Nas-produced soundtrack also features Christina Aguilera, Zayn, Jaden Smith (who will also appear in the series), Raury, Grandmaster Flash, and many more.

The soundtrack will be released on August 12, the same day as the series premiere. But in the meantime, check out Janelle Monae’s single below.