Listen To A Rare Version Of Jay-Z’s “Dig A Hole”


New York City’s own DJ Absolut droped a seldom heard version of Jay-Z’s “Dig A Hole”, the sinister album cut of his 2006 album, Kingdom Come.

While many of the lyrics remain the same, the most drastic difference lies in the unmixed production and the beat itself. It’s very rough all around and the original beat is a dramatic shift in tone compared to the remixed album cut, where it’s much more upbeat.

However, unlike the final version that made the album, the upbeat and lively tempo does not match Hov’s ominous and haunting lyrics at all which shows exactly why it was changed. The producer, Just Blaze, has been known to spin this version duringh his sets.

It makes one curious to see how many other tracks from Kingdom Come had drastically different beats (or even lyrics) before they made the album.

Check it out here.