Joanne The Scammer Is The Most Important Attendee Of MTV VMAs 2016

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The MTV Video Music Awards is really looking to ignite some legendary moments on Sunday (Aug. 28).

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From the return of Britney Spears to the VMA stage, Beyonce’s rumored performance and Kanye West’s unknown four-minute event, the show is going to be full of surprises. While the presence of Rihanna, Future and Nicki Minaj will please fans, one special person has scammed their way into New York’s Madison Square Garden.

Joanne the Scammer is slated to attend the show. Why does this matter? Internet stars have found ways to crossover to the small screen plenty of times, but Joanne’s rise has been a quick and commendable one. The character created by Florida resident Branden Miller last year has entertained a great deal of folks on social platforms like Twitter and Instagram, leading to hair deals and luxurious Caucasian living any scammer would loathe.

Joanne’s attendance may just be a move the network is making to stay in the back pocket of the youth, but we’re sure she’ll use it to her advantage.

Please do skits!

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