John Leguizamo’s Marketing Firm Is Changing The Latinx Narrative


Actor, director, playwright and stand-up comedian John Leguizamo has created a branding firm that specializes in marketing geared towards the millennial Latinx audience, as reported by Adweek.

New Generation Latino Media, created by Leguizamo and David Chitel in 2013, works with Procter and Gamble, Ford Motor, and Amtrak, using digital video. The content firm “creates and distributes sponsored content across Latino-oriented sites using proprietary technology that serves videos in ads.”

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NGL has already produced 20 videos for Orgullosa, in which Afro-Latinx actresses Gina Rodriguez and Dascha Polanco explain their journey into acting, with Rodriguez speaking to a group of young actresses of color, and Polanco shedding light on her Dominican upbringing in New York.

The digital videos touch on a generation of Latinx kids who are growing up with new forms of media—seeing positive reflections of various aspects of themselves and various aspects of their identity is critical. Until recently, Latinx portrayals have had negative effects on the community, but digital media videos might be able to change the narrative.

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